Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Transcript: http://bit.ly/1Np0dXR

Podcasts #medlibs chat
Thursday, August 20, 2015
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Led by Sheryl Ramer Gesoff (@PodcastLib)

Join in our #medlibs Twitter chat this week to discuss podcasts. Never been to a Twitter chat before? Check out this overview and come on in - all are welcome including first timers, lurkers, students and others interested in the topic and the field. These and other social media channels have a unique place in the transmission of information, particularly of interest to physicians they can be 
  • a 24 / 7 medical conference, where people can have a continuous conversation rather than a presentation with a few questions and answers and
  • a way to translate research from the page to the floors
Check out Sheryl's interview with Dr. Weingart, host of EMCrit (a top ranked medical podcast), at https://m.soundcloud.com/podcastsinthesquare/podcastsinthesquarelibrarians

Many emergency medicine physicians regularly get their information from social media as part of a movement they call FOAM (free open access to medical education). The movement started in 2002 and there were at least 42 "quality"emergency medicine podcast shows as of 2013. http://m.emj.bmj.com/content/early/2014/02/19/emermed-2013-203502.abstract

How can we as librarians promote podcasts and other social media to physicians? 

A good place to start is by listening on our own, both professionally and personally so ...

1. What podcasts do you listen to for fun?

2. What podcasts exist in librarianship?

3. What are ways we can promote podcasts to physicians and other health care professionals. 

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