Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#medlibs + #meded: Better Together Again

Transcript from #medlibs side - http://bit.ly/1DOrIXQ

Transcript from #meded side -

Theme: Digital Resources in #meded (Co-Chat with #medlibs)
Posted by MedEd Chat (Twitter) on Thursday, August 13, 2015

#medlibs and #meded Combined Chat
Topic - Electronic Resources 
Thursday August 13, 2015
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Co-herded facilitated by @RyanMadanickMD and Nikki Dettmar (@eagledawg)

It's been a long time since our last combined #meded & #medlibs chat in September!

This week we'll join forces again to discuss the opportunities, challenges and questions we have both from a medical education and a health sciences library perspective regarding electronic resources.

Our planned discussion questions are:

  1. What role do eBooks currently play in #meded & training? How could #medlibs help teach their optimal use?
  2. Besides eBooks, what other e-resources do you use in teaching/learning? How can #medlibs help curate/recommend resources?
  3. What's the future of digital teaching/learning resources in #meded? How will this affect the role of #medlibs in academic centers?

Join us! All are welcome, especially first timers and students, Never participated in a Twitter chat before? Read this overview and come on in remembering to include both the #medlibs #meded hashtags, we're a supportive and welcoming online community.

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