Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Medical Librarians Participating in Journal Clubs

the first rule of journal club is DO talk about journal club

Medlibs and Journal Clubs 
Thursday, March 12, 2015 
9:00 pm Eastern/ 6:00pm Pacific time
Led by Hilda Bastian (@hildabast)

Journal clubs have probably been around as long as there have been journals – and certainly since they started to boom in the 1800s. As well as a way to keep up with the literature, journal clubs play a key role in medical education. More about their history here:

Recently, PubMed Commons introduced journal club membership, with the goal of capturing the intellectual effort of journal clubs for a wider audience. You can read about it here: and see the first journal club members here:

Here are some questions we may address on Thursday, March 12:

• Are you involved in journal clubs – and how would you like to be?
• What works well?
• How do you avoid – or get around – problems?
• Are records kept, and what use do people make of them?
• How does the journal club fit in with CME at your place?
• What do you think of the opportunity to link your journal club up with PubMed Commons? Would you like to get involved?

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