Tuesday, August 28, 2012

eBooks: Findability, Usability, and Everything Else

Edit: Transcript available at http://bit.ly/O7yrh4 

Welcome, this Thursday Michelle Kraft will act as moderator for our discussion about eBooks.  The chat will be August 30th at 6pm Pacific/9 Eastern for approximately 1 hour.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #medlibs to follow the discussion.

We will be discussing anything have to do with the promises and problems of ebooks such as:
  • Findability -What are the best ways for patrons to find stuff? The catalog, A-Z lists, other?
  • Usability - How easy are they for patrons to use?
  • Usage - Are they getting used?  What is appropriate usage stats?
  • Portability and Devices - Where are people using them and on what devices?
  • Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) - Who is doing this and what are your results?
  • Anything else that might be interesting

New to Twitter and the #medlibs chat? Welcome! A refresher on how to participate in a chat using the Twitter hashtag is right here! and we look forward to welcoming you there.

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