Monday, June 18, 2012

Week one chat on Thursday

Edit: Transcript at, or a focused story arranged by topics covered is on Storify

The results are in!

When: Thursday, June 21st at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern (what time is that for me?)

Where: Wherever you happen to be on Twitter!

Who's on first? Herded Moderated by Nikki Dettmar @eagledawg

What's on second? The Abbott & Costello baseball sketch wasn't enough of a clue?

Let's warm up by discussing our top takeaways from the Medical Library Association meeting last month - What's sticking with you a month later?  What changes have you started exploring as a result of who you networked with or what you learned? What's next? 

I don't know who's on third, how does a Twitter hashtag chat work? 
  1. Watch #medlibs using your favorite third party platform, such as TweetChat, or go to and enter #medlibs
  2. Participate by including #medlibs in your tweets. If you have a public account, others will see your tweets even if they don't follow you thanks to using the hashtag. 
  3. Relax! This isn't A Presentation and more like chatting over drinks after a meeting (one of you recommended some wine & I think that's a fabulous idea). Just dive in, we're all in this together! 
  4. If you're concerned about adding a lot of 'noise' to your Twitter account, feel free to start your tweets @medlibs (that's a group tweet account) but be sure to also include #medlibs
  5. Need more help? TweetChat is covered in this video

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