Monday, June 25, 2012

Week two chat on Thursday: eScience

Edit: Transcript available at Storify emerging at

We had a great turnout for the inaugural Twitter chat last week and are going to stick with the same time of Thursday nights from here on out.

The topic for Thursday, June 28 2012 at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern is eScience thanks to a combination of survey interest and emerging conversation during the inaugural chat. Sally Gore (@mandosally), Head of Research and Scholarly Communication Services, Lamar Soutter Library at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, will be on hand to help us get from nebulous to knowledgeable about it! Edit: check out  the e-Science Portal for New England Librarians ahead of time. It won't kick you out for being from a different region!

We are sorry about that chat being around 3am for our European colleagues though. Unfortunately the poll results were very clear that a chat during North American business/European evening hours can't work out for the majority of respondents. Why not start up a #medlibs European time chat? It's very easy to add another author to this chat blog, run transcripts from #medlibs on Symplur and set an additional time in the calendar. Just let Nikki (@eagledawg) know!

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