Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Leadership Development


Leadership Development chat
Thursday, December 17, 2015
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Facilitated by Teresa L. Knott (@tlknott)

When I was voluntold that I would be leading this chat, the suggestion was that we focus on formal leadership development programs. Some of the most visible programs are:

Various state or regional library associations have programs, too – New EnglandMaryland,Texas

 Questions that we might discuss include:
·         Are there key principles for successfully applying?
·         What are the benefits to participating?
·         If you attended more than one, which was better and why?
·         Many of these programs are focused on mid- to upper-level leadership. What topics do you believe earlier career librarians need to know more about?

About #medlibs
Join us on Twitter using the #medlibs hashtag Thursday evening to share your stories and engage with colleagues. Never been to a Twitter chat before? Check out this overview and come on in - all are welcome including first timers, lurkers, students and others interested in the topic and the field.

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