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Librarians in the Clinical Setting Chat

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Librarian comfort in the clinical setting
Thursday, September 11, 2014
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific
Led by Julia Esparza (@JuliaEsparza)

Have you always wanted to go into the clinical environment and work side by side with clinicians but feel you don’t have the adequate knowledge?  Are you a Clinical Medical Librarian (CML), Informationist or other librarian working at the point-of-care? What did you wish you knew when you started working in the clinical environment? Join us this Thursday night on Twitter using the #medlibs hashtag! Never participated in a hashtag chat before? Please check out this overview and come on in, we are a very supportive community that especially welcomes first timers and students! 

Julia Esparza, AHIP, a CML from LSU Health Shreveport, LA, with the support from the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SCC/MLA) is organizing an on-demand, multi-sectional CE divided into two modules.  Each module will discuss the clinical environment and touch on common diagnoses, the best resources for finding answers and specific resources with which the librarian should be familiar.  In addition, the Common Diagnoses sessions in Module 2 will include a clinician component discussing how librarians can aid clinicians at the point-of-care.

We are requesting feedback on what you feel you need to know!

Join us for the #medlibs chat and provide feedback on the following questions.

1. If you had administrative support to enter the clinical environment, what knowledge would you like to have to feel comfortable starting out?

2. Having worked in the clinical environment, what do you wish you knew when you started?

Proposed CE modules

Module 1 (possible prerequisite to Module 2) – 5 total CE hours possible
Working as a Librarian in the Clinical Environment
Intro to Common Physical Examine and Vital Sign Abnormalities
Intro to Laboratory and Microbiology Abnormalities
Intro to ECG Abnormalities
Intro to Radiology Abnormalities

Module 2 – if Librarian Subject Experts in these areas are found there will be a possible 23 CE hours possible – topics may change

Common Diagnoses in Internal Medicine - Inpatient Setting
Common Diagnoses in Internal Medicine - Outpatient Setting
Common Diagnoses in Pediatrics - Inpatient Setting
Common Diagnoses in Pediatrics - Outpatient Setting
Common Diagnoses in Cardiology
Common Diagnoses in Endocrinology
Common Diagnoses in Neurology
Common Diagnoses in Nephrology
Common Diagnoses in Rheumatology
Common Diagnoses in Pulmonology
Common Diagnoses in Infectious Disease
Common Diagnoses in Gastroenterology
Common Diagnoses in Hepatology
Common Diagnoses in Gynecology
Common Diagnoses in Obstetrics
Common Diagnoses in Hematology
Common Diagnoses in Oncology
Common Diagnoses in Ophthalmology
Common Diagnoses in Psychiatry
Common Surgeries
Common Orthopedic Surgeries
Common Issues in Critical Care
Common Issues in the Emergency Room

Proposed Agenda for Module 2 sessions (1 hour sessions – i.e. Common Surgeries is one session)

Welcome to CE series (1 minute) – J. Esparza
Welcome to Topic (1-4 minutes) – Librarian Subject Expert
Top 5 to 10 DX in area (10-20 minutes) – Clinician
How librarian can aid clinicians clinically and help education students/residents (10 minutes) – Clinician
Discussion (25 minutes) – Librarian Subject Expert
1. Resources used most - textbooks, databases, journals referenced a lot, journals to scan table of contents - etc.
2. Important abbreviations
3. Important diagnostic tests often referenced in the area
Assessment (not included in CE time – up to 20 minutes) – Participant on own

If interested in joining the project, contact Julia M. Esparza, MLS, AHIP at (  

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