Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Code of Conduct Chat

Edit: Transcript at http://bit.ly/1zOJtAR 

Code of conduct #medlibs chat
July 17, 2014
9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific

Come discuss conference codes of conduct with officers from the Medical Library Association’s (MLA) Relevant Issues Section. Moderators are section Chair Rachel Walden (@rachel_w) and Chair-Elect Kate Flewelling (@flewkate). 

You don't have to be an MLA or Relevant Issues Section member to join the discussion!  Never participated in a hashtag chat or #medlibs chat before? Check out this overview and come on in, we are a supportive community and especially welcome students and newcomers.

What does an inclusive and welcoming conference look like?

Increasingly, professional and tech conferences are adopting anti-harassment policies and codes of conduct. The Relevant Issues Section of MLA would like to explore having one for MLA meetings.

For background, check out:

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