Wednesday, April 3, 2013

#medlibs support and involvement with clinical and translational science

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Join us tomorrow, Thursday April 4th, for a #medlibs Twitter chat at 6pm Pacific/9 Eastern on the topic of CTSAs and libraries, hosted by Kristi Holmes (@kristiholmes).

Clinical and Translational Science: What is it? Where can I learn more information? How can libraries get involved? What types of library-based activities are already happening? What about libraries and CTSAs?

We invite everyone to join, no matter your perspective. We’ll be able to ask questions about this growing area for libraries and learn about service areas. We'll have a variety of great examples of ways that different types of libraries have begun to offer support and collaboration in this area. Best of all, we can share and learn from our colleagues who may already be working in this area to get their perspectives (at CTSA-awarded and CTSA-minded institutions – which is pretty much everywhere!)

Come join us! Share your questions! Share your experiences and tips! Share your goals and challenges! You can even share your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Helpful background information:
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